ESL Kindergarten Students – Some recommended Activities-

Kids learning a second language at kindergarten face various obstacles. Teachers are ultimately responsible for developing a prosperous learning environment that encourages students to be motivated to learn. As such, teachers have to be careful on what methods and techniques are utilized in class to allow such multicultural students to grasp the basic of English language.

I would  recommend few activities that address the needs of ESOL students. These students need various activities that allow them to learn effectively. For instance, they need to be able to engage in conversations to strengthen their verbal skills in English. Therefore, we recommend that the teacher pairs ESOL students with kids that speak fluent English language so that they can learn English by talking to each other. Kids feel more comfortable talking with others of similar age and hence this process will aid them in learning.

Secondly, kids tend to be very curious about everything they see around them. They love to read labels, play with items around them and move objects around as they are very curious. Therefore, if the teacher can put label in English on everything in the class, the students will have the opportunity to read those labels and practice their reading skills.

Furthermore, kids love to engage in entertaining activities beyond the curricular requirements of class and homework assignments. As such, the teacher can present games and toys to students as well as ask them to watch documentaries or videos of interest all in English. This practice will help students to learn English from native speakers.

Last but not least, let’s not forget that teachers can only do so much in class and at school. It is really the parents that do more than half of the job and can facilitate and accelerate the process of learning. As such, teachers should be in touch with parents on regular basis and encourage parents to communicate with their kids in English or at least purchase items that have English material such as stories, movies and toys. This will help complement the learning process and create a complete and smooth environment whereby the kids find themselves stimulated to speak and read English most of the time. All of that can be done without compromising the first native language as the parent will eventually speak to the kid with their first language anyways.

In sum, i think that ESOL students have various needs to accomplish the learning process of a second language. They need to be curious, entertained, engaged and paid attention to. With the help of other kids who speak the language fluently and parents, teachers can develop a plan that can allow students to learn effectively.


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