How does understanding how children use the Social Web prepare us for our instruction in the classroom?

Traditionally, students and teachers obtain their learning material and academic references from journals, text chapters and refereed sources. Those sources are usually verified by academicians and experts who possess competences in the subject matter. However this may have changed with the advent of technology and the internet.

Students can now access unlimited sources of information online and sources of this information may be very difficult to verify. Not only that, but also the integrity and accuracy of that information maybe questionable. Also, the vast amount of information available online may make it very difficult for the student or the academicians to choose which information is relevant and accurate.

For teachers to adapt to that, they may need to go through online sources themselves and choose what is appropriate to the curriculum. They can then share that information with the students in the class, or refer them to online sources. Also, academic institutions need to encourage students and teachers to learn how to use the web in an authentic way and learn how to share and exchange accurate material.


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