My Personal Philosophy

As human beings we all have fundamental beliefs. Though, these beliefs can be either religious, or a set of religious and cultural values depending on the individual’s environment. However, as a human being, I have a specific outline in life, activities to pursue, career to develop and goals which I hope to accomplish. Activities which will lead me to engage with society, and other individuals. Therefore, I need to have a specific set of rules that govern my actions and how I should treat myself and others. Naturally such rules are based around several beliefs and fundamentals. Those fundamentals can originate from religious, cultural or simply traditional origins. For me, having grown up in Saudi Arabia, I follow the fundamental beliefs of Islam. Such fundamentals dictate how I engage with others, view the various issues and judge the rightfulness of different actions around me. Therefore these fundamentals give me peace of mind. I also know the outcome of every action I do and how to deal with other people of different beliefs. Islam encourages its followers to develop social ties with others, establish families and emphasize tolerance among each other. Therefore, my belief is always associated with the importance of associating tolerance and mutual respect towards others

Ever since I was in college my beliefs were basically shallow since I never had any serious thoughts or plans regarding my future, or even basic beliefs related to life except for my religious beliefs.  However after reading Malcolm X Autobiography I was extremely impressed .This is due to the fact that Malcolm X firmly believed in the importance of education in order to motivate other people to think for themselves. Furthermore, I was also influenced since during the last period of his life he renounced violence and promoted peaceful means to his cause. Thus, I started to prioritize my beliefs which are based on my thoughts, ideas, and all my previous experiences in order to be able to build a comprehensive belief.  Therefore, after understanding my thoughts and ideas clearly I eventually reached to the conclusion that I have a set of beliefs. Most importantly, I firmly believe that my faith is considered to be as a major factor. I also believe in the importance of education since education is not only about learning what is in the textbook, but it also provides  us with a perspective  of the world around us. I also believe that it helps build character, enhances self-esteem. It leads to enlightenment, and also enhances critical thinking. Therefore, I would absolutely agree with Malcolm X quote “Education is our passport to the future”.

My family is considered to be a solid cornerstone when it comes to my personal beliefs. This is because family is considered to be an inner circle of one society. Therefore, from my perspective family is not only viewed as a means of protecting them and providing them with the basic necessities of life, but it is also a form of foundation which should be built efficiently since parents are considered to be the first teachers for their children. Therefore, they should act as role models in order to set an example for their children. Mutual love, trust and distribution of accountabilities in the family are the things that we learn from our family.

Acquiring knowledge is also considered to be an important factor in my life. I firmly believe that acquiring knowledge is not merely a diploma, but the concept of knowledge extends further. People who acquire knowledge will be able to adapt a deep interpretation of human nature, civilization, and society. In this case we will be familiarize ourselves with thoughts and ideas, which will eventually enhance creative thinking. Therefore, Knowledge provides us with an understanding of social, and historical facts which gives the individual an opportunity to broaden his horizons, and also the ability to enhance our skills. I personally went through this experience since I graduated from college I after completing several training programs and workshops that helped me complement my knowledge and skills and network with like-minded professionals and graduate students. Such programs assisted me in areas of creative thinking, problem solving, and communication skills. Therefore, from my perspective acquiring knowledge we will also help us adapt a sense of code of ethics. A code which enables us to merely distinguish between right and wrong. Therefore, this code will not only be reflected in our life, but it will also eventually be implemented with our family members and students.

I believe in a set of values that govern my actions and daily live. Such values include fairness, honesty, compassion and equality. Fairness is considered extremely important in society since it encourages citizens to work in order to become contributing member’s .As human beings we all expect to be treated with fairness and equality.

Honesty is also key to every fundamental belief.  Honesty is not just about not telling a lie, but also it can be altering the truth in a way that suits you. Therefore, honesty is a very important feature that every individual must have in order to gain credibility in society. As I mentioned previously that acquiring knowledge is considered to be part of my beliefs. This is due to the fact that Knowledge is considered to be the vehicle for success, cultivation and happiness. Knowledge allows us to be creative, improve our quality of life, and helps us develop the resources we have on this planet. Knowledge also provides  us  with the opportunity to communicate with people of different cultures

Given my fundamentals beliefs and values, I believe education has to be offered to everyone equally. Everyone, including those special needs, disorders, less fortunate people and citizens of poor countries should have an opportunity to attend schools. They all need to be given an access to education and knowledge. Such belief is the results that human beings are created equal and should all have the chance to access resources on this planet equally. For people to take advantage of the resources, they need to be educated and inventive. This can only be achieved through fair education. Therefore, the key goal of education is to advance the quality of our lives on this planet. This can be in the form of improving health care, through medical and scientific research, or developing new infrastructure that can connect us through the construction of road, bridges and communication tools. However, in regard to my educational methodology I believe in equal education and fair access to all learning opportunities to everyone. To achieve that, certain values and principles have to be taken into account when developing instructional strategies, educational methods and curriculum and learning outcomes. I believe that education should be offered for free to everyone seriously seeking to learn and acquire knowledge. Everyone should be give the access to schools, universities and colleges to advance their knowledge, and be ready for challenging career ahead. Education should also follow standard set of ethics and policies which take into consideration the overall goals of the economy, job market and social needs.

Curriculum is the most important feature of education and learning. It is the backbone of our educational system and the very content of its message. Content of our curriculum should emphasize the goals of learning and knowledge. There should be three key goals of education. First, the curriculum should provide the students with the basic science and art knowledge which is usually delivered through math, sciences, arts and social sciences. Second, the curriculum should train students and develop their skills. This includes project and group work that provides students the ability to develop a strong communication approach, critical thinking, and leadership skills. Third is the spiritual aspect which should include content on religion, values, principles and ethics. If the above three components are approached adequately, education and schools can produce sound and healthy students that are ready for workplace, social challenges and family expectations.

As an ESL instructor, my aims of education towards my students is to get them to be able to:

  • Enhance their communication skills, and interact verbally with others.
  • Enhance their comprehension reading skills.
  • Develop the basic grammar, and correct use of sentence structures for different purposes.
  • Develop their writing skills.

As such, I believe that as an ESL teacher in order succeed, I need to make sure that my students are motivated and excited about learning at all times. Therefore, they need to possess solid reading, writing and speaking skills in English that allows them to complete daily activities in English. As such, diversified essay writing, academic composition, and literature reading comprehension and verbal communication practice is essential to any ESL teaching.

Teaching English is also important because it allows my students to be able to understand the basic grammar, terminology and correct use of sentence structures for different purposes. Therefore, they will be able not only to interact with others efficiently, but also excel in their writing. Writing practice typically helps students be able to formulate ideas and express their thoughts as well. Most importantly, most of my students have future goals and career ambitions that require them be fluent in English. As such, they need to receive formal education in English that makes them confident with the language.

Managing school involves curriculum development, and training, resource development, operation and strategic management. I believe the above aspects of administration can be carried out by a team of qualified and experienced educators (principals, deans, Directors, etc.) with clear vision, solid qualification and experience in the field of education. Schools should never be operated as a  private and profitable institution. They should only aim at providing knowledge to students and treating all teachers and staff equally and fairly. Therefore, school administration should be built on ethical basis that emphasize knowledge delivery as the primary goal.

As for managing students, this is perhaps the most important aspect regarding educational administration. It involves the management of students, staff, class logistics, and all other services that are offered to students. Therefore, the essential responsibilities that the principle holds are considered extremely crucial “the key success of the educational operation is the wholesome personal and professional relations that the principle (as chief educational executive officer) holds with teachers and members of the staff”1


1-Raja T. Nasr Whole Education A new Direction to fill the relevance Gap


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